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The Farmer Fern & Friends Puppet Program, in partnership with Spark of Brilliance, KidzCreate, KidsAbility and Trellis Mental Health & Developmental Services, is sponsored by a generous grant from the Guelph Community Foundation, Musagetes Fund.
We gratefully acknowledge the support and generosity of all our partners and sponsors.

The Guelph Community Foundation is an independant, volunteer-driven charitable foundation whose purpose is to provide leadership in promoting community philanthropy and enhance the quality of life for the citizens of Guelph and Wellington. The Foundation pools the charitable gifts of many donors into permanent, income-earning endowments. Income from the endowments supports a wide range of charitable programs and activities. For more information, visit

Trellis Mental Health & Developmental Services provides community-based services to assist people with developmental and mental health disabilities to cope successfully with their challenges. For more information, visit

Spark of Brilliance is a community-based mental health initiative that promotes healing, recovery and discovery through the expressive arts. Workshops are open to people living with mental health issues and/or addictions and their supportive allies, including: family members, friends, mental health workers, etc.
For more information, visit

KidzCreate is a program of Spark of Brilliance.

The Guelph Enabling Garden (GEG) is a multi-use garden designed for children, the elderly, families, but especially for those community members with varying degrees of physical and cognitive abilities.

The key features of an Enabling Garden are:Photo of people using raised flower beds

  • Accessibility
  • Sensory Interest (sight, sound, smell, touch)
  • Reflective areas as with any garden
  • Active programming so the experience of gardening is made available to all segments of the population
For more information, visit

KidsAbility is a dynamic, multi-faceted organization that serves children with a wide range of special needs. This includes children with developmental disabilities and delays related to premature birth, medical syndromes such as Down syndrome, coordination disorders, and autism; physical disabilities such as muscular dystrophy, spina bifida and cerebral palsy; and communication difficulties in language, articulation, fluency and voice.
For more information, visit

The Well is a monthly gathering, located at Kortright Presbyterian Church in Guelph, that offers parents of special needs children support and relief while providing a fun environment for their children.

Silent Voice serves deaf children, Deaf youth and adults, and their families in a sign language environment. They are dedicated to improving communication and relationships between the deaf and hearing in families and in their community. Silent Voice Canada is the only organization in the GTA offering community and family-based support to deaf children and adults in American Sign Language(ASL). They provide social-recreational programs in ASL for deaf children and their hearing brothers and sisters and teach hearing family members the language of ASL.
For more information, visit

At First Steps Daycare (Guelph) Inc.'s philosophy is as emergent as their curriculum; their approach to teaching is tailored to each child in our care and the staff members are highly in tune with each student's individual needs and capabilities. They endeavour to create an environment that is welcoming, warm and safe, which will allows each individual child's unique abilities and interests to flourish. The homelike atmosphere and loving staff at the centre encourage the children to freely express their ideas and to learn at their own pace through carefully constructed hands on active learning opportunities. 
For more information, visit

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