Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Spring and Robins

Hello friends and Happy Spring!

One of my many favourite things about Spring is watching Robin play in my garden and hop-hop-hop through the grass.

Sometimes I like to talk to Robin when he visits my garden in the early morning and late afternoon. I whistle to him, "Cheerily, cheer up, cheer up, cheerily, cheer up." Click here to listen to my friend Robin!

I have learned a lot from watching and talking to Robin!

I have learned:

Mr. Robin is brighter in colour than Mrs. Robin and has a reddish orange chest, with a grey body, dark tail feather and a white bottom.
Robin's eggs are light blue and about the size of a quarter.

Mrs. Robin builds her nest in trees, bushes and hedges and even on houses. Her nest is bowl-shaped and is about 6 inches across. The inside of her nest is about 4 inches in diametre, which is big enough to hold 2-4 eggs.

Mrs. Robin builds her nest 5-25 feet above the ground and is usually protected from rain and predators.

Once Mrs. Robin lays her eggs, they take 11-14 days to hatch.

Mrs. Robin sits on the nest to incubate the eggs.

The eggs hatch within a day or two of each other.

Nestlings (the baby birds) are pink with little tufts of feather after they hatch. Their eyes are closed when they hatch, and have blue bulges where their eyes will develop. Their eyes will open when they are about 5 days old. The nestlings take about two weeks to develop feathers before leaving the nest.

Watch the video below to see Mrs. Robin patiently and attentively raise 4 baby robins over 4 weeks, with help from Mr. Robin!

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