Monday, 16 July 2012

Farmer Fern at the Guelph Enabling Garden

Last Thursday, I met some great kids at the Guelph Enabling Garden with my friend, Lea, who is a Horticultural Therapist there and also with my cousin, Cassidy. Cassidy had never been to the garden before, so I answered all his questions about the garden, then took him...and all the kids too... on a little tour of my favourite place alongside the Speed River at Riverside Park. Then we all made butterfly puppets (some actually turned into snakes and bunnies!) which fluttered around the garden visiting the various flowers. We sang songs and played on a thumb piano. It was lots of fun! Thank you to the Lea, the Playsense Kids and Staff for a wonderful morning!

Here's a video that introduces you to the creative mentors of this puppet program: Nathan, Alisa, Louisa and Sarah! Lea (in the green shirt) is one of them too. Thanks to her for inviting them, and also to our friend Erica (behind the camera) for this short video!

Cousin Cassidy and I will be back at the Guelph Enabling Garden this Wednesday, July 16th. The puppet show starts at 10 a.m. We hope to see you there! 

The Guelph Enabling Garden is located in Riverside Park. Here is a link to their blog: 


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