Thursday, 1 November 2012

Farmer Fern Thanks You!

The falling autumn leaves and cooler nights in the garden means that it is time for our season of puppet sessions to wrap up for the year!

Heartfelt thanks to all our generous sponsors, partners, creative mentors & volunteers, namely...

Nathan, Erica & their wonderful family! 

Lea & volunteers at the Guelph Enabling Garden! 
Louisa, Sarah, Alisa & Marilyn, our creative mentors / puppeteers! Judith & Marcey of Spark of Brilliance! 
Guelph Community Foundation ~ Musagates Fund! 
Fred, Lynn and Susan of Trellis Mental Health & Developmental Services and Sue at KidsAbility!
Staff & volunteers at Playsense, The Well, Silent Voice Canada and First Steps Day Care!
and finally...all the great kids who attended our puppet sessions!

(For more information on our sponsors & partners, click here.)

See you in the Springtime when the birds start building their nests again and the lambs & kids are born!

    Photo by Van Waffle

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