Monday, 20 August 2012

Where are the Kids?!

On August 15th, 2012, Farmer Fern, Cousin Cassidy, PJ Worm and a group of other puppet folk gathered at the Guelph Enabling Garden, ready to put on another puppet play. A photographer from one of the local papers arrived. The play was about to begin. It was nearly 10am but ...where were the kids?!!

Farmer Fern started to get a little worried. You see, puppets like to have an audience; it is no fun to put on a play without one!
Then, someone had a thought!
Maybe the kids can't find us?!  
Then, someone had an idea!
Maybe we could blow our horns and rattle our rattles and sing our songs so that the children would HEAR where we are and then follow the sounds to find us. So, we did just that. We walked around the garden, with finger puppet birds on our fingers. Whistling and chirping, we walked through the park, to the swings, around the curving paths...and finally the children came, from many directions! And then Farmer Fern smiled and started the play!! Yay!!

After the play, all the children made beautiful finger puppet birdies. You can see one here.

Thanks to the kids & parents in the community for joining in...and thanks to Nathan, Erica, Marilyn, Lea and Louisa for offering a great session!

And a special thank you to Jessica Lovell of the Guelph Tribune for making a special appearance!

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